Tally – Olson 1to1's Loyalty & CRM Platform

Flexible, scalable and easy-to-use. We think we've hit the sweet spot between speed-to-market and custom configuration.
Tally allows brands to track customer transactions, behaviors and profile attributes. By developing this 360-degree view of the customer, Tally enables real-time communication through omnichannel experiences that deliver incremental engagement.

Tally Key Benefits

Proven – Dozens of leading companies across multiple industries are using Tally to manage their programs. 

Scalable – Tally is able to manage thousands of transactions per second, millions of members and billions of records. 

Multi-tenant – Designed to support multiple brands and programs on a single instance, Tally is well suited to support large, global organizations. 

Flexible – The perfect balance between out-of-the-box technology and highly configurable modules, Tally is built to grow with your business.

Open Architecture – Tally is built for seamless and secure integration with your website, POS, ecommerce, and other enterprise systems. 

Secure – SOC1 and SOC2 compliant and hosted in Tier 1 data facilities, Tally offers uptime guarantees, disaster recovery and redundancy. 

Streamlined Implementation – With deep experience in both building programs from scratch and migrating existing data, Olson 1to1 offers best-in-class implementation expertise.

Simple to use – Marketer and user-friendly web-based interfaces allow for access to the platform at any time from any where. 

Purpose-Built for Today's Loyalty Marketer

Today, customers and brands expect more from their loyalty program. They expect it to be faster, more personalized and relevant, and to deliver stronger insights and optimization. We have deliberately designed Tally® to fit the needs of five key user groups:

  • Loyalty Marketers
  • Customer Relations Teams
  • Members
  • Insight & Analytics Professionals
  • Partners

Tally Customer Relations

Tally’s Member Service application is designed for ease of use and to provide quick access to the most relevant member information at the right moments. The Tally User Exeperience team has spent significant time studying front-line and call center employee interactions with the platform to ensure that members have the most streamlined, informative and beneficial interaction possible.

Tally Operations & Marketing

Tally’s web-based marketing and operations tools provides marketers with quick and easy configuration and management. In addition, the platform’s campaign management functionality allows marketers to configure, schedule, and deploy communications directly from the platform.

Tally - Operations

Tally Member Experience

The new reality is that today’s consumer wants access where they are, when they want it, quickly and in a format that is easy to understand. Today’s consumers are mobile, social and connected 24/7. Your brand should be, too. Tally enables omni-channel experiences that blend seamlessly with our clients' full digital experiences.

Tally - member experience
Tally - wearable

Tally Insights & Analytics

Tally’s robust set of reporting tools and features help marketers arrive at actionable insights. And reports can be conveniently accessed online or scheduled for delivery right to your inbox.

  • operational reporting
    Operational Reporting

    Tally offers a number of pre-built reports that help marketers develop up-to the-day insights into how their marketing efforts are performing.

  • Interactive insights
    Interactive Insights

    Tally’s interactive insights capabilities allow marketers to interact with loyalty and CRM data to drill more deeply into underlying business drivers and inform marketing decisions.

  • Analytis and predictive inteligence
    Advanced Analytics & Predictive Intelligence

    Allows marketers to move beyond insights about what has happened to an understanding of likely future customer behavior.


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