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Momentum has launched some of the first mobile messaging campaigns in North America.
What is Momentum?
Momentum has launched some of the first mobile messaging campaigns in North America, providing campaign launch and lifecycle management for mobile and email CRM intiatives. With over 2+ billion messages processed since its inception, Momentum is one of the top two Tier-1 SMS aggregators in Canada. 

Momentum Plus

Through a cloud-based, self-serve portal, Momentum Plus gives you the ability to run unlimited, customized messaging campaigns, simultaneously. It features a suite of more than 250 modular, customizable applications that can be set up to interact with users in a variety of ways, throughout a user's journey.


About Momentum Plus

Here are some of the things you can do with Momentum Plus:

  • Contests - set up contests based on keywords
  • Custom Applications – we’re able to customize logic and develop new applications quickly and easily.
  • Mobile CRM – Acquire subscribers through keywords or web opt-ins, and interact with your subscriber base through SMS text blasts.
  • Live Chat – receive, view, respond to a live stream of incoming texts from your audience.
  • Info on Demand – provide information on demand for users who text specific keywords.

Why Momentum Plus?

Rather than replace the existing CRM system that you have in place Momentum Plus is designed to complement it by extending your data set into the mobile space. This allows you to track and analyze the mobile behavior of your consumers, and use that information to find new and meaningful ways to communicate with them.


Brands that use Momentum Plus:

  • OLG
  • Hershey's
  • SaskTel
By the Numbers


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Percent Up-Time (99.9% of the Time)


Million Total Subscribers Hosted in Momentum Plus

Data center

Momentum Gateway

Our dual-node, geo-redundant, carrier-grade gateway is directly integrated into carrier networks, providing robust API connectivity into Canadian and US carriers. We host all data in Canada and, with over 10 years of experience in the Canadian mobile landscape, we are able to provide one of the safest, most reliable solutions for both SMS and MMS.

About Momentum Gateway

Some of the things the Momentum Gateway provides:

  • Momentum Plus add-on
  • API connectivity for SMS and MMS (SMPP, HTTP, and MM7)
  • A testing environment with demo short codes
  • Carrier ID look-up integration
  • SMS-compliance monitoring (CASL, CWTA, and CSC guidelines)
  • 27/7/365 technical support

Some of the brands that use Momentum Gateway:

  • OLG
  • Hershey's
  • Interac
  • Cineplex SCENE
  • City of Toronto