Maximizing Taxpayer Dollars

Support for Smokefree provides smokers with the resources and support they need to kick the habit. We support by providing tools for evaluation and strategy that enable them to make the most out of SMS channels, delivering key messages and encouraging engagement when it matters most.

Getting the Most Out of Messaging

We manage the development and maintenance of both the domestic and international expansion of SmokefreeTXT – a messaging program that provides direct communication to program members. We leverage Momentum Plus to deliver customized text messages to users based on their individual needs, preferences, and where they are in their smoking cessation journey.

Through close monitoring and reporting, we are able to help the National Cancer Institute make sense of user trends, and provide recommendations for expansion and improvement.


Going Forward

Currently, we are providing NCI with a framework for ongoing evaluation that maps social media activity to objectives, sets baseline success metrics, factors in outside variables, and creates space for structured experimentation.

As a result of our work, we have allowed NCI and its various tobacco control partners to maximize taxpayer dollars by ensuring that they are invested in activities that are proven to generate positive behavior change.