On Going to Adobe Summit

Pat & Paul's Pre-Conference Musings

Paul and I are heading out to Adobe Summit next with the ICF Olson crew.  Besides having a great time in Vegas, our main mission is to demo some of the cool IoT technologies we have been working with.  At the ICF Olson booth we will have a Connected Experience demonstration showing off the “Summit Portal”, which is a version of the Office Portal that we have built for our offices.

Office Portal showcases a wide range of Adobe and Amazon AWS products and technologies. It gives personalized information to users via a series of dashboards placed throughout the ICF Olson offices.  The locations of the dashboards are surrounded with iBeacons that allow the system to recognize who is in front of a dashboard based on interactions of an authenticated mobile application.

If you are at Adobe Summit this year come check out the demo at the ICF Olson booth 213 and say hi to Paul and me.