Better B2B Commerce with InsiteCommerce 4

Better, faster, stronger.

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By many accounts, B2B eCommerce is expected to exceed the trillion dollar mark by 2020. Driven by the digital transformation – the idea that every aspect of daily life is affected by technology’s business applications, corporate customers now expect their suppliers and vendors to deliver an online experience that is as easy to use, personalized, and engaging as retail and other consumer-facing sites.

As the B2B market continues to evolve, with professionals looking to improve their organizations’ digital ecosystems with robust, agile technology, so do the platforms on which they’re built.

We at ICF Interactive pride ourselves on helping our clients develop the solutions and strategies necessary to achieving their business goals by leveraging our depth and breadth of experiences and partnering with the industry’s most innovative platform providers; one such partner is Insite. Insite Software, named a leader in B2B Commerce Suites in the Q2 2015 Forrester Wave, powers a connected commerce ecosystem for leading global manufacturers and distributors that brings together commerce, channels, and content/data to drive better B2B buyer and B2C user experiences and higher sales.

And in knowing that in order to continue to be a leader, Insite is constantly improving on its offering; the latest release, InsiteCommerce 4, features enhanced functionality that provides simplified control for the business user and noticeable experiential differences that B2B customers have come to expect.

InsiteCommerce 4 at a Glance

Faster, Easier Upgrades

Insite customers are given streamlined access to the latest and greatest.

Simplified Integrations

Easily architect a tightly connected digital ecosystem.

Customize Without Core Code Changes

Create a digital solution unique to your business needs and customer requirements without heavy development.

Satisfy the Need for Speed

Google results are virtually instantaneous, as a result, B2B users expect speed as they experience it in B2C settings. Give your site speed a boost, even during peak traffic events.

Improve Your SERP Rankings

Get your customers to find you sooner with improved SEO functions that place your site higher on search engine results pages.

The B2B market and its customers’ expectations will continue to shape the ways in which organizations operate, market, and sell. If you’re looking to learn more on how to stay ahead of the curve, contact us.