Adobe Sensei

With great power comes great responsibility

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into many of the products that we use on a daily basis and Adobe's cloud products are no exception. Adobe has introduced artificial intelligence to its suite of products through Adobe Sensei. The demos shown this week at Adobe Summit explored some of the powerful capabilities that could be accomplished using new AI capabilities.  It appears that Adobe has done a great job of integrating intelligence with their existing expertise in creative, document, and marketing products to provide the user with a more powerful experience.

Focusing in on Marketing Cloud, the intelligence services of Sensei allow users to better hone in on and target their customers. Over the years, Adobe captured all types of data points to build a massive database.  Users can analyze that data to take advantage of unusual surges or patterns to then capture sales. With the introduction of Sensei, Adobe has improved the ability to use the accumulated data on customers to present them with the content they are looking for without them even asking for it. However, I believe that one of the more difficult aspects of this new functionality will be using it in a way that does not stalk consumers and invade their privacy.

Walking the line

Say I search for a new tennis racquet online. Some merchants will hound you with mini-advertisements continuously popping up on your search page or daily emails with “you recently searched for…”.  This sort of barrage puts off buyers and can be counterproductive. I’m anxious to see if Sensei can capitalize on the knowledge in the data to improve the sales pitch. Perhaps a filter so it only pops up when the price is lower, or with advance notice of a new release, or any number of other specific criteria that make the customer more likely to buy the product. Improving a company’s ability to granularly target its customers is very powerful, but it needs to be done in a way that actually empowers their customers.

In the end, I am hoping that one potential payoff for Adobe Sensei will be the ability to target a customer more discreetly, showing the customer targeted content that truly makes sense and is useful without getting too invasive.