Summit Countdown Q & A

Bob Reed, Client Engagement Manager for Olson Digital and Co-Presenter of our Adobe Summit Session, tells it like it is.

Bob Reed

In the run up to Adobe Summit 2017 - we're just hours away now - I was able to grab Bob Reed, Client  Engagement Manager for Olson Digital, for a few minutes to pick his brain on the conference experience  and what our session with Zebra Technologies on DAM management is going to provide for attendees.  Bob politely obliged me with his thoughts. 

Bob, why do you think our session with Zebra is something that marketers and managers should hear?

     Zebra's DAM needs are both similar and unique when viewed against other customer situations.  They have the typical marketing content challenges with organizing content and managing access across several audiences.  they may differ from others organizations when it comes to sheer volume and file size.  At this point, they have more than 100k assets and are growing at a 10-15% clip each year.  Additionally, they use the DAM to store and distribute files necessary to operate the various products they sell.  Think operating systems for a hand-held device or an SDK which adds capabilities to a printer or WAN device.  

The session may be of value to those who are experiencing challenges as they manage production content as well as those who expect considerable growth or have to support a wide range of audiences. 

Shifting gears a little, what inspires you about Adobe Summit? What do you get from it?

     This will be my 4th Summit and each one has been special and memorable.  My first two Summits were in Salt Lake City when I was with Adobe PS and had a bit of an insider view meeting both Adobe Product Managers as well as long time customers.  The last couple of Summits have been with ICF Olson and from the partner perspective.  Each Summit has been a great opportunity to learn about the latest product integration improvements as well as innovations.

If you were going to tease our session to someone – real quick- what would you say about it?

     While you certainly get a lot of product marketing insight, our session provides some real world experience and some customer insight that may be applicable to another customers DAM design and planning efforts

Where do you see the future of DAM going?  

     I personally would like to see added capabilities to manage user access to both Sites and Assets.  While the capability exists today, setting it up and effectively managing users and groups is not as intuitive as it could be.  Also looking forward to the performance improvements expecting with AEM 6.3.

Lastly, what are you most excited for at Summit ’17?

     Tough to narrow it down as the entire experience is memorable.  Expanding knowledge of the Adobe ecosystem, hearing from customers and prospects as well as the great show Adobe puts on makes for a great event every year.

But you're really in it for the concert, right?  You're a secret Death Cab fan.

     You got me.