ICF Olson Managed Services Gets an Upgrade

Part One of our Managed Services Blog Series

The ICF Olson Managed Services team has spent the last eight months developing new and improved technology around our hosting platform. These enhancements are comprised of both open source and propriety technology. We have upgraded some tools to newer versions (Chef 12), introduced technology that wasn’t previously available (Terraform and Sensu), and overall spent 25% of the team’s time re-investing in to our solution for the benefit of our clients.

Over the next few weeks, we will do a deep-dive into the technical implementation details with Stephen Sadowski, Director of our Core Engineering Team, but I wanted to share the top five reasons I am excited to start sharing this news with clients:

  1. Faster time to market. We are now able to quickly- in some cases a matter of hours- deploy both the infrastructure and application tier of an environment. Instead of waiting weeks for a new environment to be delivered for use, we are now able to provide a client’s cloud infrastructure in days. This will shorten upgrade cycles, prevent wasted development team cycles while waiting on an environment for testing, and most importantly, allow new features to be released faster.
  2. Improve overall delivery. The infrastructure is now represented as versioned code within source control environments.  This approach allows us to maintain the integrity of the infrastructure and ensure consistency between environments (Dev/QA/Stage/Production), and will help reduce time spent troubleshooting issues that are only reproducible in a single environment
  3. Everything is cloud agnostic. Our platform has been strategically developed  to be utilized no matter the cloud provider our clients want to utilize. We’ve supported the big two, AWS and Azure from the outset, and plan to bring more online depending on our future client needs.
  4. Allows us to focus on quality touchpoints. With the overall improvement to our delivery, one of the key aspects of improvement is an increase in the ability to focus time on proactive conversations and strategic guidance with our clients. We are eager to enable our clients to grow along with us from a technology maturation standpoint. We have already helped some clients implement a similar DevOps automation framework with their own internal teams!
  5. Commitment to technology. Investing in our platform is a continual commitment to excellence. We are technologists at our core and will continue to provide quality technology solutions, stay ahead of new trends and tools, and provide those to our clients.

Tools will change as years go on, but our team’s dedication to best-in-class solutions for our clients will always remain constant.  We innovate to deliver better services and improve the customer experience.  Check in next week for the technical overview of the new platform!


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