Kids Learning...Advertising with ICF Olson!

We invited 45 kids to our Toronto office for a day in Digital Advertising Literacy. No, we're not crazy.

Ladies Learning Code, a group working towards strengthening Digital Literacy for women and youth, runs a summer camp for children aged 8-13 called Kids Learning Code. As part of our close relationship with the organization, ICF Olson's Toronto office hosted a field trip for these (45!) kids in hopes of teaching them the foundations of advertising through video.


Kids Learning Code Image 1


After a brief presentation discussing our different departments, and a hilarious question and answer session, (the campers asked everything from, “have you considered using your office to have an all-out Nerf war?” to, “do you build toys here?” and, “are you on Twitter?”) we showed the campers examples of video ads which use differing tactics to create an impact – such as the use of comedy and powerful emotions.


Kids Learning Code Image 2


For the activity session, the campers broke up into small groups and were asked to create a commercial for a product, such as lipstick or body wash, applying their knowledge of advertising tactics. We supplied them with a storyboard template and gave them time to work together to develop their story.


Kids Learning Code Image 3


The results were truly astounding – the campers’ unrestricted imaginations led them to create amazing storyboards that were unique and uninhibited, like the group who thought up AngelWash, a body wash that gives energy to the person using it.


Kids Learning Code Image 4


The Kids Learning Code field trip was a learning experience for not only the campers, but the ICF Olsonites running the program. We learned that if you let go of your pride for a minute and free your imagination, you just might think up something completely original—and awesome.