The Do’s and Don’ts of SMS Mobile Marketing

If you're going to text customers, it'd better be good.

Not too long ago, we contributed content to our experience-driven commerce partner Elastic Path’s blog, Get Elastic, on what a brand needs to lose in order to win at customer experience management. Among other things, we talked about the need for a brand to get rid of the annoying marketing tactics.

Short Message Service, (SMS) better known as text messaging, is one of the many ways in which a brand can interact with its customers and prospects alike. Part of a larger mobile marketing strategy (which needs to be included within the overall customer experience management plan), text messages can be an effective engagement tactic when used to offer timely or convenient offers, codes, or information. Going in blind, (read as: by not doing your homework) the same text messages have the potential to come off as annoying, effectively negating any relationship a brand would attempt to establish or nurture.

From a recent survey
over one in three people will check their mobile technology devices 25 to 50 times per day.

Bethany Gardner, Digital Marketing Manager of ICF International, published a great post to – Creating an SMS Mobile Marketing Campaign? Read this First. In it, she describes exactly what a brand needs to take into consideration as to not annoy the user, including:

  • Ensuring two-way communication
  • Leading the user to where he or she expects to go, and
  • Making the call to action clear and simple.

For more, you can check out the full post.