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Adobe's integration of creative and marketing capabilities makes it a leader in the digital marketing space. With Adobe Creative Cloud, entire creative teams can stay organized across multiple channels and regions; sharing files, tracking comments, managing fonts, and syncing files directly with the cloud.

But that’s not where it ends.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and the rest of the full Adobe stack work in conjunction to make sure the right content is being delivered across all digital channels in an intuitive, automated fashion.  Adobe tools are wrapped up in an intuitive user interface with built-in best practices for each. If you’re in the digital space, Adobe’s ability to create, manage, measure, and adapt your marketing efforts will keep you ahead of the competition.

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40M People Move Every Year

MyMove is a destination to assist movers find deals when they are in a "hyper-spend" moment in their life.  MyMove pairs companies with customers in a highly targeted way using omni-channel delivery of print, electronic, and mobile channels.  

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My Move

Awards + Recognition

Our work has been recognized by our partners and clients for delivering exceptional work that advances their business goals.  

Adobe North American Partner of the Year Award in Adobe’s Most Innovative Adobe Experience Manager Implementation in the APAC region. 

Amway Innovator Award and Amway CIO Award.

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Global Marketing Asset Management

Amway wanted the ability to support their distributors through more efficient technologies and tools. They wanted speed over distance, so they could deliver solutions quickly to marketing and sales organizations worldwide. And they wanted to empower their digital staff to focus on creativity through user-friendly tools.

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Amway Brand Next

Open Source Projects

Ionic AEM Apps

The Ionic AEM Apps Library aims to provide opinions concerning how applications should be built in AEM Apps based on our experience in building Phonegap/Cordova applications both on AEM itself prior to the advent of AEM Apps and in AEM Apps proper. As the name suggests, the library leverages the Ionic framework which is, in our opinion, the current goto platform for Cordova application development.  

OSGi Bundle Status Maven Plugin

This plugin runs during the install phase of the build lifecycle to check the status of one or more bundles in the AEM OSGi container.

AEM Component Plugin

This plugin mitigates the effort required in AEM component development by generating at build time, .content.xml, cq_editConfig.xml, and dialog.xml files for your components, leaving you free to focus on functionality. 

AEM Groovy Console

The CQ Groovy Console provides an interface for running Groovy scripts in the Adobe AEM container. Scripts can be created to manipulate content in the JCR, call OSGi services, or execute arbitrary code using the AEM, Sling, or JCR APIs.


Prosper is an integration testing library for AEM projects using Spock, a Groovy-based testing framework notable for it's expressive specification language.  The library contains a base Spock specification using an in-memory repository for JCR session-based testing and also includes basic Sling request and resource implementations for testing interactions between AEM objects.

AEM Library

AEM Library contains common utilities, decorators, abstract classes, tag libraries, and JavaScript modules for bootstrapping and simplifying AEM projects.  The library aims to accelerate project development by offering numerous convenience methods and patterns for consistently implementing AEM components and achieving a high level of code reuse across AEM projects.

Client Librarian

Client-Librarian is a dependency management mechanism for client side libraries (css, js, less) which builds on the concepts introduced by the AEM Client Library mechanisms.  By maintaining the dependencies between components and libraries as well as inner-library dependencies, the Client-Librarian is able to dynamically produce page-specific libraries representing the styles and functionality required for the components on the page.


Iron(Fe) is a starting point for greenfield projects. It gives you the ability to leverage new and modern front end build tools in the AEM environment. It has an opinionated way of structuring a front end code base but after that it assumes that the front end build tool landscape will change and thus gives you the tools to continue adapting to those changes.